This Program Is Designed Specifically To Help Indian English Speakers To Neutralize A Native Dialect And Coach You The Art Of Crisp Pronunciations.
The Clarity Of A Telephone Greeting, The Response To A Question, The Perfect Pronunciation Of Words- We Have Solutions Of All Your Problems.
Reduce That Habitual Native Dialect And Master The Art Of Crisp Pronunciation With Our Speech Improvement And Accent Neutralizer Program!
Our Certified English Accent Trainer, An Expert From London Teacher Training College, UK Will Train You To Articulate Your Words With Precision And Present Your Message With Confidence. Each Training Session Builds On The Previous Session As We Progress. Our Knowledge Booster Sessions Will Give You An In-Depth Study And Practice Of Sounds, Stress, Intonation, Rhythm And With Particular Emphasis On- Crisp And Clear Pronunciations.
A Clear And Crisp Speech Is Prerequisite Of The Communication In Today’s World! That’s Why We Offer You The Most Trusted- Speaking, Presentation Skills And Accent Neutralization Training.


If you are frustrated by people asking you to repeat all the time, this program is the best fit for you. No matter who you are- salesman, executive, actor, secretary, doctor, teacher/professor, clergy or a non-native speaker who wants to soften his accent contact us at . Our accent neutralization training will help you develop your personality with:

  • Greater self confidence and Better business relationships
  • Assurance your message is understood
  • Productive discussions
  • Ability to maintain your audience's attention


  • Our program is designed by experienced trainers with years of professional training experience.
  • We will deliver the program in the form of Skype teleconference.
  • We will identify your individual challenges and suggest the best-fit solutions.
  • We are always available on email for any follow-up or if in case you have doubts on the previous session


Steps to verify student progress


Periodic Progress Evaluation Sessions


Periodic Peer Evaluations Where Students Evaluate Each Other's Progress


Self Assessment


Free Initial Evaluation followed by 15 online sessions through Skype

Why Choose Us?

We assure you that we are constantly watching and discovering where you are having trouble in communicating.
It’s then, we will help you to determine the best solutions to enhance your productivity as a speaker. We make sure that you are getting proper attention and evaluate your progress session by session. We have a record of answering students query on time with the best satisfying and reasonable solution.
We ensure that you are able to speak and easily understood by your listener in the way you want. Not only this, our training program is designed in the most systematic manner after many experiments to make sure nor even a single necessary topic left behind.